History of Company

The company Affaire was established in the year 2000 in order to increase the quality of
supplies and to ensure as large assortment of spare parts for lorries as possible for the own
workshop of Petrželka Jiří car service , e-mail address  http://www.automoto-petrzelka.cz .
The selling of spare parts was gradually enlarged to other car services and transport
companies in the same region. The company Affaire is specializing in the sale of high
quality spare parts that are being imported from the leading European producers and

According to high demands and requirements for the quality of spare parts supplies the
activities of the company Affaire have been recently widden in transport service followed
by long distance transport and logistic services.
At present the company is able to provide short and long distance transport services
for the local production companies. According to the fact  that the company offers high
quality transport services, it started to be also popular with customers and suppliers of
local customers from abroad , mainly from Germany and Austria.

The Sale of Spare Parts for Lorries and Other Service Vehicles
Phone: +420 722932010, E-mail: affaire.parts@email.cz

The warehouse supplies and assortment are unlimited. We are able to provide the customers
with spare parts for long vehicles, trailers and buses. The parts for IVECO, DAF serie 45 vehicles,
undercarrtage parts MERITOR, break accessories and parts for GIGANT axles are the best  sold
assortment of our company. We also sell axles and OE parts of SAF/BPW. As far as the
vehicle filters are concerned, we prefer to offer DONALDSON well  known for its high quality products.
We are able to give an interesting discount on original parts for some car makes. We also
provide our customers from Teplice surroundings with the consultation in case of more difficult
identification of ordered spare parts right at the vehicle place.


Transport and Long Distance Services
Phone: CZ+GB +420 727942529, E-mail:  affaire.log@email.cz

We consult the transport requirements with our customers and try to find an optimal transport and
price solution. We have been specializing mainly in transport of smaller loadings in the
Czech Republic, Germany, Austria and Poland. We own vehicles with lifting platforms which
are able to deliver your order directly to the customers home. We can also offer transport
with classical trailers, platform lorries with trailers and vans. For the transport of materials
we also use our reliable business partners from the Czech Republic and from abroad.

Regular Routes: 
CZ – Teplice – Ostrava – Zlín and back 1 – 2 times weekly
CZ – D, south Germany, D – Stuttgart and back 2 – 3 times weekly, D – 04, 06 once a week
CZ – A, Wien once a week

Warehouse Storrage
Pallets and other goods as per agreement.


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